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It’s been a month since we moved to Stavanger and we’re starting to feel less like tourists and more like locals. Although, that’s not say that we don’t enjoy a tourist excursion any chance we get!

This past week we took a Rodne Fjord cruise. It was a blast! I can’t recommend it enough if you come to Stavanger. Everyone, young and old will have fun. Here’s a little video I made of our adventure:

Norway Fjord Cruise

First off, you can buy tickets online, at the tourist office by the dock or on the boat if they haven’t sold out of tickets. We just bought our tickets on the boat and bonus: kids under 4 are free!

Beautiful Norway Fjord views

The ship is super nice. two outdoor levels and one inside. We enjoyed the deck and then having a break inside to sit at a table and eat lunch. There’s a little snack/bar station so you can buy a coffee or like me, a little chardonnay with a lid in case of spillage.

Hengjanefossen waterfalls into the Norway Fjords

The trip lasts 3 hours and it’s just right. Not too long, not too short. The boys never once got bored or rowdy. If you have little kids, I would recommend packing some activities and snacks. We brought their backpacks with some stuff for drawing and a couple little games I had picked up at Flying Tiger.

Rodne Fjord Cruise interior

The views inside are great and each table has a big window to view out. The back of the ship was all windows and the boys loved standing there and watching the water.

The cruise takes you to some different viewing points through the fjords and they will even come on the intercom and tell you about the history of the locations. Although, I couldn’t tell you a single one besides Pulpit Rock because I was too busy chasing after my 3 year old. When he saw Pulpit Rock towering above he told me he wanted to climb to the top and then jump off into the water….he’s 3. I am in so much trouble.

I’ve started to feel a little homesick for all my friends and family but I am starting to meet some people here. We’ve got great neighbors and I’ve even met some moms in a expat Facebook group. It’s that weird feeling, almost like dating, when your’e trying to make new friends. I remember when we moved to Oklahoma and I didn’t know a single person, I just walked up to some cute moms with kids my age at the playground and asked if I could be there friend! Pretty much just like I was back in elementary school.

The “Trolls heart”, legend of unrequited love.

But you know what, they were nice. That’s one of the biggest things I’ve learned about moving to new places: if you want a friend, be a friend. I used to invite people over to my house all the time for play groups and holiday parties for our kids before I even really felt like I knew them and I made some of my closest friends that way. You can not sit back and hope and pray that someone will reach out to you and become your friend. You have to be the reacher.

I am just so thankful that my Father is always the reacher. Even when I stray or become complacent in my walk with my Lord, He’s always there, reaching for me.


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