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Waiting, Always Waiting

7 weeks here and reality is starting to set in. I’m still incredibly happy and grateful to be living in Norway but the novelty has worn off a bit and I am starting to feel the sadness of leaving everything you know behind. It’s compounded by having two small boys (who I love more than life itself) 24/7 with no breaks. Add in small apartment living with no yard to banish them to and you’ve got a recipe for crazy, the bat sh#@ kind.

We just got back from a trip to Denmark that was perfect.Watch Denmark video HERE! We had so much fun as a family and loved every second of it.

But when we got back to Norway, I didn’t have that “Ah were home!” feeling, which is one of the best parts of vacation. We are still living in someone else’s apartment with someone else’s stuff and it’s wearing on me.

The hardest part for me is not having a plan. Everything is just up in the air. I was talking with Eric last night and we were remembering how many times our lives and major decisions were just “up in the air”. As we recollected all those instances where we didn’t even know what tomorrow would bring or what city we would live in(all due to his career I was sure to point out) I realized that each story had the same outcome: what was meant to be is what happened and each time we were better for it.

God has always been faithful to us, ALWAYS. When we surrender our plans and just follow His lead we are blessed far beyond what our own plans would’ve rendered. But oh, how hard it is for me to give up the reins. This is why it’s so important to think back about where we’ve been and how God has led us.

So as I sit on this oversized black leather couch and watch my boys drag everything out of their room onto the living room floor for the hundredth time, I will tell myself, God’s plans are better than my plans and then I will remember all the times He has shown me just that. And then I will wait. Maybe not so patiently but hey, I am still learning.


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