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Wherever I’m With You

Four days, we leave for Norway in four days. I still haven’t packed. There always seems to be something better to do. Today it was lunch with Eric, antique shopping with a friend, after-school ice cream and a hunt for the perfect King cake, and of course, a lot of family snuggles.

My boys love to snuggle in my bed, but they want all of their bed stuff with them. So, one by one, they drag their pillows, blankets and stuffed animals, including the giant obnoxious ones I bought them for Valentine’s Day, across the house to our bed to make a giant pile of coziness. And I love it.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how our life is going to change when we head overseas. Different food, culture, living arrangements, etc. lends to some anxiety and fear. How are my kids going to adapt? How are they going to survive without mac & cheese and chick-fil-a(read: how will I survive)? Will they run into the elevator and hit the button before I get in and travel to who knows what floor? Are they going to be kidnapped and I will turn into Liam Neeson and hunt the perpetrators down? As you can see, the rabbit hole goes pretty far.

But then, we are all piled in bed laughing and snuggling and smacking each other with pillows and I remember that really, not much is changing. All they need is this right here. And all I need, I already have. I have them. I have my Savior. I have grace. I have peace. There is no room for fear.


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