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Professional Procrastinator

It's been over 4 months since Eric first got the call about Norway. What started as excitement and anticipation quickly turned into waiting and more waiting, oh and a little more waiting. Every time I ran into someone I know I'd get asked, "When are you moving?". "Oh, we don't know yet, sometime in January or February, maybe."

Well, we FINALLY have a date, sort of, and it's in three weeks. See, most people would've started preparing for an overseas move 4 months ago. Me, I thrive on procrastination. So here we are with a move date approaching quickly and the best I can do is make lists. I am an expert list-maker, a trait my husband LOVES about me(can you taste the sarc).

I get a weird joy and satisfaction of putting pen to paper and making a list. Most people get the satisfaction of crossing things off the list but I just enjoy the writing it down part. You will find all kinds of lists on scraps of paper in my junk drawers: "Things we need to do before we move", "Things I need to buy", "Things that Eric needs to do", "Things I need to sell", "Stuff to fix outside", "Things to pack".....none of these lists have check marks.

So for now, we will make pillow forts, make breakfast together, enjoy the Oklahoma sunset, and make lists... until we're at least a week away from departure.


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