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Negative Space

Sometimes I can get in a creative rut. I don’t feel like creating anything even though my soul craves it. I just can’t seem to make myself do the one thing that I am longing to do. Does that make sense?

This is where my photography challenge group steps in. We’re just a group of friends who all have a passion for photography and sometimes need a little push to get our cameras out. Every other week we will come up with theme and then text our images to the group. Nothing fancy, just some fun. This weeks theme is “Negative Space”.

Negative space is basically just everything that’s around your “positive space” which is your subject or objects in a photo. When looking at an image, you are seeing what the artist wants you to see and the negative space is a powerful tool used to drive your eye to the subject. When you take away all the distractions, you see the subject or emotion more clearly.

As I was shooting the images for this theme it got me thinking beyond just a picture. In our culture, it seems we have filled every inch of our image with subjects and objects and therefore leaving no “negative space”. When you take away all of life’s distractions, (and yes I realize I am writing this on a blog and on social media which is my worst distraction) then you can really see the “positive space”, the subject and meaning in your life.

We are moving to Norway in two short weeks and will be letting go of a lot of comforts(mac & cheese) and familiarities along the way. The one thing we will have is each other, our “positive space”. Being stripped of the distractions, our eyes will only have the important things to focus on, things the Artist wants us to see: faith, hope and love.


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