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I Don’t Really Know What I’m Doing

I was sitting on my front porch swing, enjoying the Autumn weather while my boys played peacefully in the distance(read: throwing mud at each other and fighting) when I got the call.

“Well,(I could hear the excitement in his voice) do you want to move to Norway?” Eric was in Houston at a work conference with all the executives and had been approached about an international assignment…IN NORWAY!

Rewind to June when we were enjoying a Texas summer night on the deck at my parents’ house as all the kids(10 including my 2) swam in the tepid pool. I was talking to my brother about my dreams and how I just wanted more out of life. Just a mom, sipping on a Cayman Jack and wishing for adventure. “I just don’t want to live in one place for the rest of my life. I want to experience new people and new places and I want that for the boys too.”

You see, we’ve been in a deep pit of struggle for the last year and half. Miscarriages and fertility issues had put a dark cloud over our family. So much so that we took a last minute trip to Disney World last year just to escape for a bit. And it was worth every penny! But through it all, I just kept hearing the Lord ask, “Do you trust me?”.


Sometimes I did and sometimes I didn’t. But no matter, He was unchanging.

“Are you serious”? “Are you for real”! “Tell me everything they said, exactly, word for word(my husband hates it when I say that)!” I was off my seat and jumping and giggling and screaming in delight. Finally, something amazing! A ray of light through the clouds. An answered prayer that I didn’t even think to pray for. We are moving to NORWAY!!! God knows me, He knows my dreams and He cares for me.

To be Cont’d.


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